Below are my newest pieces, the shadow boxes. By clicking on them, you'll be direced to another site, flickr. There's also have a set of funny roadside attractions. Have fun searching on flickr!


About me, I am a photographer with a graphic design backround, who likes to photograph old signs. In this age of fast food chains and other big corporate establishments, we are slowly losing the ma and pa shops, the unique little stores, restaurants and motels. I am trying to preserve the last markers of these places by photographing them as I find them, warts and all. The pictures I have chosen form a kind of collective road trip to the past.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. With some of these photos, I have included a personal story. I decided to store all my photos at I've wanted to organize my photos in different sets and I fell in love with the flickr site.

Check back-I'll keep adding new ones!  

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